• Making property ready to live in or move into •
Home Owners & Movers

  • Move in quickly and efficiently
  • Give a better first impression to viewers
  • Increase the range of potential viewers

Sellers: Get more viewings and sell faster.
We can make your property much more attractive to buyers to a very small investment.
In fact our careful approach can often add more to the sale price than improvements.
what's more is we will identify what doesn't really need doing - avoiding wasting your money - a very fresh approach!

Owners: Don’t want to move?... Then why not improve?
We can help you reconfigure your existing property to make it more flexible or suited to your needs - adding a garden room or converting loft space are typical examples, though we have many more exceptional design ideas to transform your living space without the need to move!

Buyers: We can help prepare your new property...
Move in quickly and efficiently - making your new home comfortable, safe and exactly how you want it - within a realistic budget. Why move in to mess, building work and maintenance tasks?... ... when your home can be made ‘move-ready’ for your arrival.

Basic changes to the internal and external appearance will make your sale particulars more appealing and give a better first impression to viewers. Our design advisers have all the best ideas in this regard and changes can be swift and cheap to implement.

Add Value Broaden the Range of Viewers:
There are often simple adaptations to your home that can increase the basic value and massively increase the range of potential viewers. Making underused space usable or adding a ‘wow’ factor is usually easy to do and the results are exceptional. Adding parking spaces, garden rooms/offices, garden kitchens and utilising loft space are great examples of this.

Safety & Accessibility:
Viewers are often put off if they see an unsafe feature or difficult access - we can identify these and usually rectify them at low cost - avoiding customers being deterred. Common, easy-to-fix examples include a non-child-friendly garden, steep access or electrics in need of update.